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How I Started...

As a Photographer, I have always loved imagry and art in all forms. My favorite classes in school were never the ones involving critical thinking and tons of writing. Once I had my first child I had an obsession with not only taking perfect photos of her every move, but it was important I document her as she grew, in just the way she was in all her imperfections and indiviual awesomeness. With that  passion I have been able to do what I love capturing special moments professionally as well as personally for the last 16 years. 

About me.

My name is Sarina, I'am a wife,  mother, teacher, photographer, artist, textile designer.....

I have a love for not just photography but self expression and life in its true form. I try to seek out the natural and genuine 

beauty in all the portraits I create. What I enjoy most is the connections and friendships I have created over the years through my photography career. Take a look around if you would like to make memories with me shoot me an email, text or call. 

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