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How to Smash!

Updated: Sep 11

The best advice I can give is to introduce cake to your little one before the BIG day. I know the best part of the cake smash for us parents is to see the first reactions of our kiddos taking their very first bite. But the reality of it is the kids usually become over stimulated and scared of the new taste and feel. And add in a bunch of fun props and me holding a big black thingy in their face.

For a practice run get a cupcake, place your little one in their usual spot for meals like a high chair or meal spot. Place it in font of them and just step aside and let them touch and taste it all on their own without interruption or big todo. This way they don't get overwhelmed to preform to eat the cupcake. Almost always even if they don't like the taste they will at least want to play with the cake once we get to digging in if they have had prior exposure to the feel.

When it comes to the day of don't forget to bring a change of clothes for little one as well as yourself. We are all going to be covered in frosting by the end! And wipes, these will be the best way to get little one clean of any chunks before they get to splash.

lastly it doesn't matter if they smash the whole cake to bits or just touch it delicately with there little finger tips these will be some of the most adorable and memorable portraits you have as your little one grows. And don't forget to book with at least 2 weeks before you need your images back.

Cake Smash Photo sessions in Modesto Ca

Modesto ca Portrait Studio

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